Street playing In Riga, Latvia.

If you always think that your audience will increase, then you take wrong. Today I just played for ten people, and thats great. For me its about playing, new places, new people, and new challenges. I dont care if its one millon or just ten people. I care about how, and when I delivered my gods. Thats the main things! For those words I give some short summary:

“In this rainy morning, when the sun cant explain. The future didnt turn out, but giving you the shame. Fighting to beliveve in what you goanna do. The Only way to prove it its battle inside of you”.

S. S. 27-08-2014.

[audio:|titles= Where no one dares]

Where no one dares

Where evil is, there no one dares. S.S.01.11

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Stan Sylvander: Singer, songwriter and artist.
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