New street playing, Istanbul Tyrkey

I spent the last days of my vacation in Istanbul, Turkey. A beautiful country with huge culture, historic and religious traditions. 99% of the population in Istanbul is Muslims

The main cause for the trip was to play in the main street in a new country, a new capitol, and in a new street. I sat down with my best friend, my acoustic guitar and play songs that no one had ever heard before. I played on two different places on the main street, Ordu Caddesi. The first place was near the market place, Grande Bazar, and the second place was in the front of the Blue Mosque- Sultanahmed casii.

It was very special to play in the front of the big holiness in Istanbul, The Blue Mosque. Especially when it was in the middle of the Ramadan. The holy month where the Muslims celebrate the, Prophet Muhammad’s the peace be with him, efforts to make the finishing of the Holy Quran. The holy book in Islam.

The very interesting development was that people was friendly, and didn’t make any issue of me playing rockn roll. We were in the same connection with the same heart where all the non verbal communication had their own language. The language of peace and respect for each other.



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