Street Playing in Amsterdam

The lonely traveller, and rockn roller are back after som great days in Netherland, Amsterdam.

The great city in Europe with almost 750.000 people, who lives in the center of their legal rights in one of the most liberal countries, especially if we are talkng about drugs, prostitution and sex. The flaying dutchmen have another perspective for what is conservatism. From my point of view I think its because they thought God told them so!

After spending times at Annie Franks house, touched the spirit from Rembrandt, and was facinated by the painting genius Van Gogh, I was spending my last time in…yeeah!! you have absolutely right..of course in the most decadent place on the planet, Red Light district. The dark and destructive side of the human spirit. The place where all the bad habits, and pitfalls in life gives you the invitation into the madness of human temptation. Its dirty, superficial,and it find your darkness faster than you can understand.

More weeker you get, more stronger is the place! And we all are week, arent we…….?

So, to the all married, and unmarried women out there. If your husband say he want to take his friends for a weekend for visiting Anne Franks house, I would personally be a little bit sceptical………..

On my last day I do what I always do when Iam outside Norway, streetplaying. This time I sat down at the red light district and played my own songs that noone had ever heard before. I have facination for that kind of expression because you have to share something from yourself that is very naked, and a bit scary. You never knew how people react. That increase your skills as an atrist, and makes you better and stronger.

This time the response was god so Im satisfied. No policemen who kicked me out, no drugdealers who will steal your life, and no assholes who cant behave without their moms presence.

Hopefully I can let some seeds grow, and one day take my consept to a new level. Thats my dream!

I dare…………..Where No one Dares: Where no one daresStan Sylvander discography:


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