New Show at, Herr Nilsen Oslo Norway 04-09-2017

New show at, Herr Nilsen, Oslo Norway 04-09-2017 08:00 pm.

This show will be very exlusive, because I will bring me a classical educated cello player in the rythm section. His name is, Erlend Vestby and he is an upcomming talented cello player whos as already won some prices for his classical playing. I look forward to share the stage with this young man, and then take my songs to an new level in the spirit of rockn rooll!. It will be an hounor!

12 new songs will be given to those who appreciate it in the spirit of music! I hope to see you all at the show.

For merchendize, just see the link on, or you can give a call at the show.

See yaaaa!!!!Rooooooooooockkkk!!!!!!!!!!

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