Rua Augusta, Lisboan Portugal

After some great days in, Lisboan Portugal, I am back in Norway, Oslo. It was some fantastic days with great weather, food and lots of good drinks. And of course, Fado, Portuguesa national music which expresses the thin line between passion, love and the melodic drama that life can brings.

As I always do, I brought with me my best friend, my acoustic guitar, and sat down at Rua Augusta, to play some songs that no one has ever heard. Rua Augusta is the main street in Lisboan. It’s great!! With the blue ocean in the background, calm wind and lots of people walking around, it’s always a little scary, but intense and great experience. You are in the nerve of life. You live!!!!

I make my European tour on my own. It cost some money, but in the spirit and name of rockn rooll it’s worth it.



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