Music- Discography:


Guns Roses cover- Nightrain: Stan Sylvander- Nightrain

AC/DC COVER- Back in Black: Stan Sylvander Back In Black

In the Beginning of the End 2024: 

1: The Mystery of my Sin. 2: Sorry. 3: Lonely on the Cross. 4: Alone. 5: Strangled In your Life. 6: Walk of Sin. 7: Riding the Killing Gun. 8: The Story of Little Jane. 9: Walking on the Dusty Road. 10: For the God we Believed. 11: If Tomorrow Never Comes. 12: A Tale From the Forgotten Days.  


Chaos Of Mind 2019
1. The Choosen One. 2. Eyes Of Disguise. 3. The Devil Inside. 4. Gold Of Madness. 5. In The Mystical Room. 6. Face Of A Dream. 7. Lost In time. 8. Don`t Die. 9. Before My Suicide. 10. Black Death. 11. Where Noone Dares.




Norsk Urskog 2011 with the song, Face Of A Dream.

Norsk Urskog 2010: Lost In Time and Gold Of Madness.




Sarpedon, Demo 2008: Once There Was Butcher, The Couldron, And Then There Where None





Norsk Urskog with Sarpedon 2008. Two songs, Once there was a butcher, and The Couldron.





First demo, 1997: