La Rambla Barcelona Spain………

Today I sat down with my guitar at La Rambla in Barcelona, just to play some new song for the people who went by. La Rambla is the main street in Barcelona, Spain where you can find all the hot shops, restaurants and cafe. Is not the right place for rockn rooll, but who cares about what is right when it comes to music.

It was a very thrilled and exciting experience because you play your songs in a very naked way when you sit down in public. You take a part in the peoples place, and invade theirs area. That situation is a bit challenging when you are a stranger in a new land. It’s a kind of when David meet Goliath thing…..I feel I can touch my fear in another direction then I do when I am on the stage. I call it a good learning prosess..

But the response was good even when all the people had never heard about me or my songs. A good feeling and very inspirational when the response is good. Its something you take furter for meeting new challenge.

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Stan Sylvander: Singer, songwriter and artist.
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